High-end joiner

An array of expertise to bring your finest projects to life

A high-end joiner does more than just work with wood. At Ateliers ARKAL, we transform this remarkable material into furniture or fittings, drawing on an array of talents to work our magic, from design to installation. Since 2001, we have harnessed our team’s savoir-faire to bring you, the fitting professionals, bespoke, premium-quality solutions.

A tried and tested process

Each creation is the result of a carefully managed process, the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. Every step in this process reflects our ability to turn your ideas into a tangible and workable solution.

The reason we are able to uphold such rigorous standards is that your project is handled exclusively in-house, by the Ateliers ARKAL team. When we need to call on additional skills to produce a piece – ironmongery, for example –, we turn to our hand-picked, highly trusted partners. 

When you need bespoke furniture or fitting solutions, Atelier ARKAL is a partner of choice. We are thorough, focused, and committed to satisfying your every need.

Founded on professional craftsmanship

High-end joinery is a craft profession that requires human skills. Today, machines have replaced people in many areas but for us, the machines are still just tools. We have a team made up of passionate craftspeople who are committed to helping you to attain excellence. 

Our workshop applies a careful balance of tradition and innovation, and is a hub of creativity and experimentation. Our machinery is regularly updated to assist our woodworkers in their work. Nonetheless, the human eye and attention to detail remain paramount. Our artisans strive to ensure that your creations perfectly match your vision.

The many facets of our profession as high-end joiners

Our craftsmanship
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View the full breadth of our high-end joinery expertise with these projects. Whether designed for offices or private homes, each creation is one-of-a-kind, responding to the aspirations and expectations of our prestigious clients.